May 26 2017

Current Canine Influenza Outbreak in FL

Today, the Florida Dept. of Agriculture confirmed that there is currently another outbreak of Canine Influenza in Florida. The University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine is currently treating multiple patients for influenza caused by the H3N2 strain of the virus. The outbreak started at a dog show in Perry, GA and spread to Deland, FL (Volusia County)

We are urging all veterinary offices, boarding facilities, groomers, animal shelters, rescue groups or other places were dogs may participate in group activities or housed in large communal facilities to review their staff education to identify potential patients, treatment protocols and disinfection / isolation procedures.

More information for veterinarians on Canine Influenza can be found at:

More information for the general public on Canine Influenza can be found at:

If you have a suspected case of Canine influenza in dog that has been sick for less than 4 days, you can submit a nasal or throat swab for PCR testing to a diagnostic lab. For dog that have been sick longer than 4 days, it is recommended that you submit paired serum samples taken 2 weeks apart for CIV titers.

For more information on the current CIV outbreak, please contact Dr. Nelly Amado-Jehn at or 850-251-2398


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