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Below is a listing of current and previous legislative bills that have been introduced in the Florida Legislature

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Updated February 2019


Proposed bill

Summary of Proposed Bill or Regulation


HB 835 /

SB 666

Defines & redefines terms relating to veterinary medical practice.

H: Business & Professions Subcommittee

S: Innovation, Industry & Tech Cmte

HB 27

 SB 1640

Deregulation of Professions and Occupations

Amends 474 Florida Statutes to revise the definition of the term “limited service veterinary medical practice” and education requirements for licensure by examination, and to require the department to issue a license by endorsement to certain applicants who successfully complete a specified examination

H: Commerce Committee

S: Innovation, Industry & Tech Cmte


HB 391 /

SB 978

 Exempts residents of other states from certain application & licensing fees during state of emergency & for certain period thereafter.

H: Business & Professions Subcommittee

S: Innovation, Industry & Tech Cmte

HB 379 /

SB 774

Authorizes veterinarian to report criminal violations to certain officers & agents; provides that certain contracts are unenforceable; authorizes court to take certain actions regarding care, custody, possession, or control of animal in domestic violence actions; requires certain persons to complete specified board-approved continuing education to perform euthanasia; requires certain animal control agencies & organizations to meet certain import requirements.

H: Commerce Committee

S: Innovation, Industry & Tech Cmte

HB 287 /

SB 488

1. Prohibit a pharmacist or practitioner, including veterinarians,
from dispensing a newly-prescribed Schedule II prescription
opioid unless the prescription bottle or container has a
warning sticker that warns users concerning the addictive
nature of opioids and the risks of overdoses; and
2. Require that the warning sticker be red with text large
enough to be legible and placed on the cap of the bottle in
which the opioid is dispensed

H: Health Quality Subcommittee

S: Health Policy

HB 831 /

SB 1192

Requires prescriptions to be electronically generated & transmitted; prohibits electronic prescribing from interfering with patient’s freedom to choose pharmacy; provides restrictions for electronic prescribing software; authorizes electronic prescribing software to display information regarding payor’s formulary; repeals various provisions relating to electronic prescribing & unlawful acts relating to counterfeit-resistant prescription blanks for controlled substances.

H: Passed (Yeas:111 , Nays 4)

S: Health Policy

HB 333 /

SB 1058

Florida Hemp Program

Creates state hemp program within DACS; provides requirements for program registration & distribution & retail sale of hemp, hemp products, & hemp extract; directs DACS, in consultation with DOH & DBPR, to adopt specified rules; provides corrective measures for violations; directs Commissioner of Agriculture, in consultation with Governor & Attorney General, to submit specified plan to United States Secretary of Agriculture; authorizes certain pilot projects to participate in state hemp program.

H: Agriculture & Natural Resources Subcommitee

S: Innovation, Industry & Tech Cmte

HB 19 /

SB 1452

Creates programs for purpose of safely importing cost-effective prescription drugs into state from Canada & other foreign nations under specified conditions; provides eligibility criteria for prescription drugs & program participants; provides distribution requirements; provides annual reporting requirements; provides application & permitting requirements for certain participating entities; provides that implementation of International Prescription Drug Importation Program is contingent on federal arrangement or obtaining federal guidance.

H: Passed (Yeas 93, Nays 22)

S: Healthy Policy

HB 69 /   

SB 96

Makes injuring or killing a police, fire or search/rescue canine a second degree felony and the injury or killing of a police horse a third degree felony

Passed in House & Senate 4/11/19

Awaiting Gov. DeSantis signature

HB 841 /

SB 976

Creates Care for Retired Law Enforcement Dogs Program within FDLE; requires FDLE to contract with corporation not for profit to administer & manage program; provides requirements for funding veterinary care for eligible dogs; places annual cap on funds available for a dog; prohibits reimbursement if funds are depleted.

H: Criminal Justice Subcommittee

S: Appropriations Committee

HB1095 / SB1202

Companion Animal Public-Private Partnership ACT

Prohibits animal shelters from euthanizing animals under certain conditions; requires animal shelters to release animals to rescue organizations; provides exceptions.

H: Business & Professions Subcommittee

S: Community Affairs

HB 1105 /

SB 316

Declaring that certain contracts entered into on or after a specified date for the sale or lease of a pet are void and unenforceable as being against the public policy of this state; providing an exception, etc.

H: Agriculture & Natural Resources Subcommittee

S: Judiciary Committee

HB 721 / SB1128 Provides that individual with disability who has emotional support animal is entitled to access to housing accommodation; prohibits housing accommodation from requiring such individual pay extra compensation; authorizes housing accommodation to request written documentation verifying individual’s disability or disability-related need under certain circumstances; specifies individual is liable for certain damage done by emotional support animal; prohibits falsification of written documentation or other misrepresentation; provides penalties

H: Judiciary Commitee

S: Rules Committee

SB 1738 Prohibiting a person from restraining a dog outside and unattended during a manmade disaster or a natural disaster, etc.  S: Criminal Justice Committee

HB 991 /

SB 1090

 Keep Our Graduates Working ActCreating the “Keep Our Graduates Working Act of 2019”; prohibiting a state authority from suspending or revoking a person’s professional license, certificate, registration, or permit solely on the basis of a delinquency or default in the payment of his or her student loan; prohibiting a state authority from suspending or revoking a person’s professional license, certificate, registration, or permit solely on the basis of a default in satisfying the requirements of his or her work-conditional scholarship, etc.

H: Appropriations Committee

S: Innovation, Industry & Tech Cmte

HB 3661 Provides an appropriation for the University of Florida: Increasing Veterinary Medicine Class Size by 60 Students per graduating class