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Below is a listing of current and previous legislative bills that have been introduced in the Florida Legislature

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Florida Bills to watch for the 2022 Legislative Session

Proposed bill

Summary of Proposed Bill or Regulation


HB 25

SB 226

Care for Retired Law Enforcement Dogs

Creates Care for Retired Law Enforcement Dogs Program within FDLE; requires department to contract with nonprofit corporation to administer & manage program; specifies requirements for nonprofit corporation & disbursement of funds for veterinary care of eligible retired law enforcement dogs.

Passed in House & Senate

H: 117 yeas, 0 nays

S: 36 yeas, 0 nays

HB 121

SB 256

Aggravated Animal Cruelty

Prohibits certain acts against an animal while engaged in specified offenses; prohibits unlawful killing an animal belonging to family member.

Died in committee

HB 227

SB 172

Courtroom Animal Advocates

Provides for appointment of advocate for interests of animal in certain court proceedings, at discretion of court; provides powers & duties of such advocates; requires Animal Law Section of The Florida Bar to maintain list of attorneys & certified legal interns meeting specified requirements who are eligible to be appointed as such advocates; specifies that certain rules of The Florida Bar govern such advocates.

Died in committee

HB 849

SB 994

SB 996

Pet Protection

Requires licensure of pet stores; requires DBPR to adopt procedures for such licensure; regulates sale or transfer of household pets by pet stores; limits sources from which pet stores may acquire pets for sale; requires DBPR to conduct periodic inspections of pet stores & audit sales records; revises importation, sterilization, & reporting requirements of certain public or private entities.

Died in committee
HB 253

Retail Sale of Domestic Dogs & Cats

Prohibits pet stores from selling or offering for sale domestic dogs & cats; provides penalties.

Died in committee

HB 307

SB 716

Pub. Rec/  Animal Adoption

Provides exemption from public records requirements for records containing certain information pertaining to persons who have adopted an animal from an animal shelter or animal control agency operated by local government; provides for future legislative review & repeal of exemption; provides statement of public necessity.

Died in committee

HB 833

SB 416

Animal Cremation

Creating “Sevilla’s Law”; requiring a provider of companion animal cremation services to provide certain individuals and entities with a written description of the services that the provider offers; requiring the written description to include a detailed explanation of each service offered; requiring certain providers to include a certification with the returned animal’s cremation remains; providing powers of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, etc.

Died in committee

HB 435

SB 420

Animal Abuse

Increasing the criminal penalties for sexual activities involving animals; assigning an offense severity ranking for sexual activities involving animals for purposes of the Criminal Punishment Code; increasing the offense severity ranking for fighting or baiting animals for purposes of the Criminal Punishment Code, etc.

Died in committee

HB 723

SB 448

Veterinary Telehealth

Citing this act as the “Providing Equity in Telemedicine Services (PETS) Act”; defining the term “telemedicine”; authorizing veterinarians to practice telemedicine; requiring veterinarians using telemedicine to establish a veterinarian/client/patient relationship and meet certain professional standards; authorizing employees, agents, or contractors of animal control authorities to administer rabies vaccinations under certain circumstances; providing that a supervising veterinarian assumes responsibility for any person vaccinating animals at the supervising veterinarian’s discretion or under his or her supervision, etc.

House: Passed 118 yeas 0 nays

Sentate: died in committee


HB 721

SB 614


Authorization of Restrictions Concerning Dangerous Dogs

Authorizing certain housing authorities to adopt certain ordinances, rules, or policies relating to dangerous dogs; removing an exemption for local ordinances adopted before a specified date which pertain to dogs that have bitten or attacked persons or domestic animals, etc.

House: died in committee

Senate: Passed 35 yeas 0 nays

HB 711

SB 238

Endangered & Threatened Species

Directing the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to protect certain endangered or threatened species, regardless of the status of their federal classification; prohibiting the commission from considering certain costs when designating a species as endangered or threatened; directing the department, in consultation with the Endangered Plant Advisory Council, to protect certain endangered or threatened species, regardless of the status of their federal classification; prohibiting the department from considering certain costs when designating a species as endangered or threatened, etc.

Died in committee
HB 87
Criminal History in Professional Licensing Applications
Revises period of time when conviction, or any other adjudication, for crime may not be grounds for denial of licensure in specified professions; provides exception; removes provision requiring good moral character for licensure in such professions; requires applicable board to approve certain educational program credits offered to inmates in certain institutions or facilities for purposes of satisfying training requirements for licensure in specified professions.
Died in committee

HB 6001

SB 1118

Verification of Employee Eligibility by a Private Employer

Removes option for private employer to verify person’s employment eligibility using specified federal form; removes requirement that private employer maintain records for specified length of time; removes authorization for certain persons & entities to request, & requirement that private employer provide, documentation relating to person’s employment eligibility.

Died in committee
HB 2041

Zoo Miami Expansion / Renovation of Animal Hospital

Provides an appropriation for the Zoo Miami Expansion/Renovation of Animal Hospital.

Died in committee