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Below is a listing of current and previous legislative bills that have been introduced in the Florida Legislature

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Florida Bills to watch for the 2020 Legislative Session


Proposed bill

Summary of Proposed Bill or Regulation


SB 366

HB 1015

Veterinary Medicine

 by Hooper
Defining and redefining terms relating to veterinary medical practice, etc.
Died in Committee
SB 474
Deregulation of Professions & Occupations
Seeks to redefine the term “limited-service veterinary medicine” to include vacciantions, deworming & microchipping.  Seeks to establish reciprocal licensing agreements with other states. Seeks to permit licensure for those applicants who have completed P.A.V.E
Laid on Table
SB 48Declawing of Cats

 by Book
Prohibiting a person from performing a declawing on a cat within this state; providing an exception; providing that a veterinarian who performs a prohibited declawing is subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Veterinary Medicine, etc.
Died in Committee
HB 181Adoption of Retired Research Animals

 by Grieco (CO-SPONSORS) Casello; Eskamani
Requires specified research facilities to offer retired research animals for adoption; provides requirements for such adoption; provides immunity from civil liability for such facilities.
Died in Committee

SB 186 


Contracts for the Sale/Lease of pets

 by Taddeo
Defining the term “pet”; declaring that certain contracts entered into on or after a specified date for the sale or lease of a pet are void and unenforceable as being against the public policy of this state; providing an exception, etc.
Died in Committee


SB 1084

HB 209

Emotional Support Animals

 by Killebrew
Prohibits discrimination in rental of dwelling to person with disability or disability-related need who has emotional support animal; prohibits landlord from requiring such person to pay extra compensation; provides exception; authorizes landlord to request certain written documentation; prohibits falsification of written documentation or other misrepresentation; specifies person with disability or disability-related need is liable for damage done by emotional support animal; revises definition of “handicap.”
Passed House & Senate
HB 243Nonservice Animals

 by Antone
Prohibits nonservice animals from entering specified public food service establishments or places of business; requires DBPR to create & maintain publicly accessible website for complaints; provides penalties.
Died in Committee
SB 522

Cruelty to Dogs

Prohibiting a person from leaving a dog outside and unattended during certain weather events; providing a criminal penalty; providing a fine, etc.

Died in Committee

HB 509

SB 1278

Companion Animal Public-Private Partnership Act

Prohibits animal shelters from euthanizing animals under certain conditions; requires animal shelters to release animals to rescue organizations; provides exceptions.

Died in Committee

HB 241

SB 1082

Domestic Violence Injunctions

Authorizes court to take certain actions regarding care, possession, or control of animal in domestic violence actions.

Passed House & Senate

HB 685

SB 980

Lost or Stray Dogs & Cats

Requires certain animal organizations to adopt policies & procedures to achieve specified goals; authorizes such organizations to implant dogs & cats with radio frequency identification devices & verify pet ownership.

Died in Committee

SB 806

HB 847

Public Records/Animal Health Records/Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Exempting from public records requirements certain animal health records submitted to or generated by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services or the state veterinarian in connection with the Bronson Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory; providing for future legislative review and repeal of the exemption; providing a statement of public necessity, etc.


Died in Committee

HB 2043Palm Beach Zoo Water Quality & Recreation

 by Silvers
Provides an appropriation for the Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society – Water Quality and Recreation.
Withdrawn from consideration
HB 2045Palm Beach Zoo Safety Infrastructure

 by Silvers
Provides an appropriation for the Palm Beach Zoo – Safety Infrastructure.
Withdrawn from consideration

SB 66 

HB 77

Student Loans and Scholarship Obligations of Health Care Practitioners

 by Cruz
Establishing that a health care practitioner’s failure to repay a student loan or to comply with service scholarship obligations does not constitute grounds for disciplinary action; removing a civil fine; removing the requirement that the Department of Health investigate and prosecute health care practitioners for failing to repay a student loan or to comply with scholarship service obligations, etc.


Died in Committee

SB 356

HB 115

Keep our Graduates Working (new version published)

Creating the “Keep Our Graduates Working Act of 2020”; prohibiting a state authority from suspending or revoking a person’s professional license, certificate, registration, or permit solely on the basis of a delinquency or default in the payment of his or her student loan, etc. (New version published 11/7/19)

Passed House & Senate
SPB 7008

OGSR/Animal Medical Records/State College of Veterinary Medicine

Amending a provision which provides an exemption from public records requirements for certain animal medical records held by a state college of veterinary medicine that is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education; removing the scheduled repeal of the exemption, etc.


Passed House & Senate